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MURDER, ACTUALLY Pioneer Drama 10 f 5 m 5 flex 45 minutes Unit Set. Time: 1922 Wuthering Heights meets Downton Abbey meets Love, Actually. It’s the weekend of Algernon and Catherine’s wedding, and no one is happy about it. When Catherine disappears, and Algernon falls over dead, it appears the wedding is off. But there are a lot of surprises in store.

SLEEPING GOLDILOCKS AND THE SEVEN DWARVES Brook Pub 9 w 4 m 10 flex unit set 45 minutes This fairy tale mash up features Goldilocks, bears, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, dwarves, a heck of an evil Queen and a couple of Prince Charmings. And a surprise guest- the Blue Haired Fairy from Pinnochio, who we just don't see enough of anymore.

UNMURDERED: A Murder Mystery Pioneer Drama 12 F 1 M 3 Flex 45 minutes Unit set When Dashiel Reznor, a murder mystery novelist with writer’s block, arrives at the Bygone Days Artists Retreat, he is looking forward to some R&R. But he is soon a suspect in two murders. “the mystery, laughs, and surprises come to a screeching conclusion!"....Paul Bolton, Broadway World Kansas City

SANTA IS MY CO-PILOT available through me at Not Your Daddy’s Christmas Carol, Reindeer Games, and other Christmas Sketches. 3 sketches and three Reindeer interludes bring a funny, heartwarming, and non religious take on Christmas. There are 30 characters. With all actors doing 3 roles, it uses 10 actors: 3 Male, 4 Female, 3 Flex. Or, use up to 30 actors.

THE TIGHTWAD Adapted from Moliere’s "The Miser" 3 W 5 M 3 flex about 75 minutes 1 set Heuer Pub True to the original with some updating - more emphasis on the class wars and the fact that women were powerless to make choices in their lives.

HYRONOMOUS A. FROG THE FROG PRINCE 6 roles 3m 3w (one role double cast) 60 minutes Pioneer Drama Set in the Kingdom of Spamalot, a rather lonely and odd frog tries to become the human Prince he really is by getting the bratty Princess Gladiola, already engaged to Sir Lancelot Pancelot, to give him a kiss. The all-important kiss comes from Delphinium the handmaiden, who had befriended him all along. "a masterpiece of physical humor - grade A" Rocky Mountain News "much more than just a laugh packed roller coaster ride" ...Boulder Daily Camera

BIGGITY BAD AND THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Heuer Publishing SMALL CAST VERSION: 6 actors 2 M 2 F 2 Flex or 5 with doubling. 60 min. Unit Set Music "...a fast-paced and humorous romp around the stage from start to finish" Summit Daily News ..."a knockout of a children's play. What's really special about the play is that the point and purpose is to teach kids that they needn't listen to the voice of peer pressure to feel accepted and validated." Winner, 2011. Marlowe Award Best Children's Play

TWO DUMB DOGS - THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF FERDO AND FLOOF 11 characters, With doubling, 4 M 2 F 55 min Dramatic Publishing Ferdo and Floof, known far and wide as 'two dumb dogs,' run away and end up in woods enchanted by the evil Queen Malevella. To escape from her power, they have to learn to use their heads. Funny, full of action, with a good message. 3rd place winner, Jackie White Memorial Children's Playwriting Competition Marlowe Award, Best Children's Play 2009 "brilliantly written, a tail wagging good time-the young ones will never forget the day that they met Ferdo and Floof" Holly Bartges, Backstage Colorado "...the off-the-wall dogs generated plenty of side-splitting laughs..the kids loved it." Carroll County Time MD

THE THREE PRINCE CHARMINGS 3 m 3 w 1 flex with doubling. 14 characters 60 min. with original songs and classical music Eldridge Histage Narrator Steve meets two dueling Princes, Prince Charming Hair and Prince Charming Smile, and narrates retellings of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Snow White. Available with or without music. "anyone who can sit in a chair by themselves will be enthralled." Denver Daily News "most charming children's show of the season...laughable, lovable" Maryland Theatre Guide

SNOW WHITE, THE EVIL QUEEN, AND THE THREE SLOBS 2 m 4 w 1 flex, with doubling or: 4 w 4 m 4 flex 60 min. Eldridge Histage The action shifts between the castle and the hut of the slobs Snivelly, Grouchy, and Slacker. In this version the mirror is Snow White's friend, and our heroine meets and befriends the Prince before she's "asleep" with the Queen spying on her disguised as a poison berry bush. "a quick and worthy one hour for the kids" Rocky Mountain News

THE LADYBUG AND THE BUTTERFLY 1m 2 f 5 flex 12 minutes (another version with less characters avail. from author) A beautiful and vain butterfly is extremely upset when an odd looking ladybug moves into his meadow. The feisty ladybug teaches him about sharing and toleration. Written in verse, with suggested music by Beethoven for accompaniment. Winner, Summer Shorts 2 International Play Competition 2009

OLLIE AND STANLEY OWL 1 m 1f 7 flex 20 minutes (another version with less characters avail. from author) Ollie and Stanley are based on Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel. Ollie is an old bachelor owl whose life is disrupted when a little motherless owl wanders into the woods. Kids will identify with Stanley's attempts to learn how to hoot, something that everyone insists is easy but that is hard for him.

CINDERELLA! CINDERELLA! 5 F 2 M 1 Flex 55 min. Pioneer Drama This Cinderella is very kind and not known for her beauty, especially compared to her beautiful, calorie obsessed, selfish stepsisters; and has big feet to boot. She learns in the course of this very funny play that it isn't magic that will help you in life as much as the courage to stand up for yourself. "...a marvel with a wonderful lesson. No matter how good-looking the face and wardrobe of a bully may be, a thoughtful and kind person will win the prince's heart every time. -Theatre 411, Colorado "a charming makeover of the classic Grimm fairytale." Eugene Weekly. "a sophisticated, witty script" The Register Guard, OR. Winner, Best Children's Play Winnipeg Fringe Festival

RAPUNZEL, NARRATED 4 -5 f 2 m Histage 30 min. A witty and hilarious script, with bad witches, new age witches, a Prince who thinks fighting solves things, a Narrator who sets him straight, and a sullen and bored Rapunzel who finds her aim in life, and it isn't the Prince. Perfect for touring. Holmes Community College, MS.

THE TIGHTWAD 3 w 5 m 3 flex about 75 minutes 1 set Heuer Publishing Adapted from Moliere's "The Miser." Diverting a bit from the original, Harpagon, in his heart stopping delirium over getting his money back, leaves the audience wondering whether his heart is stopping from joy or a heart attack. Selected by the Actor's Equity Association for Western Regional Playwriting Reading Series 2016

AUNT MAGGITY'S DARK AND STORMY NIGHT 6f, 4 m, 2 Flex unit set 60 min. representative productions: Tacoma Little Theater, WA., Mozingo Ctr. for Creative Arts, MO, Rapid City Drama Club, Canada Pioneer Drama

THE FROG PRINCE OF SPAMALOT 3m 9w 1 Flex 60 minutes Pioneer Drama "The Frog Prince of Spamalot is simply spectacular... a hilarious production that is wildly entertaining. Cape Cod Online "has enough energy to entertain even small children, but adults will find it equally (and maybe more) enjoyable. If you don't have a kid yourself, borrow one like I did, because this is a must-see show. Laurie Higgins, Cape Cod Times

THE NEW CLOTHES KING AND THE BANDIT QUEEN 4m 6 w 3 flex 60 min A retelling of the King's New Clothes BrookPub " unqualified hit with both the kids and the adults" Northglenn Gazette, CO. "Nary a spear carrier in the script…my young actors loved it, and we took it to the Wolftrap International Children's Theater Festival." Young Actor's Theater, Denver

THE TEMPESTUOUS AND FRACTIOUS SHAKESPEARE PROJECT BrookPub 7 f 2 m, 4 Flex 45 min funny and educational, includes both Shakespeare scenes and the backstage drama of young modern actors

THE UNPRINCESS: 8 w 4 m 4 Flex extras if desired 40 minutes Pioneer Drama Children's Theater Workshop, Toledo; Bay City Players, MI., Skyclad Theater, CA., Footlights and Greasepaint Youth Theater "rewarding and enjoyable."

UNMURDERED! 12 w, 1 m 3 Flex Unit set 45 minutes 2 murders, two entirely unexpected twists, this funny and smart play has mystery, poetry, dance, and laughs. "Funny and Smart"

DRESS REHEARSAL FOR MURDER 9 w 8 m unit set 60 min. "...easy set and hilarious play. The cast really enjoyed it!!!" St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, OK "Dress Rehearsal for Murder was our biggest hit!" East Whittier M.S., CA

HOW TO HIDE YOUR ZOMBIES 10 f 1 m, 8 Flex poss. of extras 55 min. unit set "How to Hide Your Zombies is a funny, intelligent play about being true to yourself and not giving into peer pressure. It was as much fun to direct as it was to watch!!" Shadow Ridge M.S., CO., 3rd place winner, Jackie White Children's Playwriting Contest 2013 Evaluators, Jackie White: "I also like the vocabulary words, and Mr. Rogers is wonderful." "The characters are zany. The dialogue's clever." Brookpub

CINDERELLA AND THE FAIRY GODMOTHER'S SPELL 9 f, 3 m, 6 flex 55 min BrookPub Cinderella has to stand up for herself before the FGM will help her. "What a wonderful way to show girls they can do anything they set their minds to. Dominion Academy, Lovettsville, VA ..."the play was not only easy and fun to direct, it offered both our older and younger actors fun parts... an evening of so much laughter that our audiences complained that their jaws hurt." Colorado ACT

NO BODY TO MURDER 12 w, 5 m, 3 flex. unit set, 40 minutes Pioneer Drama "If you like surprise endings, this one's for you!" Lyon Middle School, Overton, NV "We loved producing No Body to Murder. We had so much fun with the characters and witty lines during rehearsal, and enjoyed the great reception of our audiences at performance. Thunder Ridge Middle School, Centennial, CO

POETIC LICENSE TO KILL 9 w, 5 m, 5 flex. unit set 60 min. BrookPub A mysterious Countess, a spoiled young heiress, a juvenile delinquent, an American billionaire named "The Ronald" and his two apprentices, and the proverbial butler are some of the characters that populate this Who Dunnit.

GRETCHEN AND THE GRUDGE 4 w, 16 Flex unit set 35 min. "Inventive, original, funny and with a great message...the cast loved it." North Toronto Christian School

A LITTLE PRINCESS 13 f 8 Flex 75 min Adapted from the classic novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, it features Melchisedec the rat as narrator. winner in the East Valley Children's Theater Competition Mesa, AZ. "This one is absolutely perfect, especially for a middle school. "Ms. Weiss has produced the best script I've seen yet for this story." Joe Reynolds, Gerisch Middle School, MI Brookpub

THE SEVEN NASTY PRINCESSES 16 w 3 m 3 flex 60 min "Witty dialogue, good slapstick and physical comedy, and just the right amount of memorization for middle school students...very lively and successful show" Isanti Middle School, Isanti, MN "a rousing success...enjoyed by adults and kindergarteners alike." Holston Middle School, TN.

THE LITTLE RED HEN EXPLAINS IT ALL FOR YOU 9 w, 3 m, 8-13 Flex one set 30 minutes The classic story, with lots of laughs, singing, rapping and cheering. High energy, suitable for elementary and young middle schoolers. "quirky and irresistibly funny - it won me over immediately" "clever sense of humor and memorable characters" Big Dog Plays

THE AGONY AND THE HILARITY: THE LIFE OF TEENS 7-21 w 3-10 m, , 4-21 flex 65 min. or less. Pick and choose among ten scenes and two monologues that explore the life of teens. Brookpub "this play develops a sense of ensemble and clearly shows that all cast members are equally important to the production. A fast paced and fresh look at a teenager's life." Young Actor's Theater, Denver





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