My Children's Plays: Quotes, Reviews and Stuff I Want You to Know

Quotes From Critics & Producers:

Two Dumb Dogs: “…brilliantly written, a tail wagging good time the young ones will never forget.” Backstage Colorado 

“ …the off-the-wall dogs generated plenty of side-splitting laughs.” Carroll County Time, MD. 3rd place winner, Jackie White Memorial Children’s Playwriting Competition

Marlowe Award Best New Children’s Play 2009 The Three Prince Charmings: “most charming children’s show of the season…laughable, lovable” Maryland Theatre Guide 

Cinderella, Cinderella: StageMagazine.org “a charming makeover of the classic Grimm fairytale."  Eugene Weekly. “a sophisticated, witty script”  The Register Guard, OR.    Winner, Best Children’s Play Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2009 

The Frog Prince of Spamalot ”is simply spectacular” www.capecodonline.org 

A Little Princess : a winner in the 2007 East Valley Children’s Theater Competition Mesa, AZ. "This one is absolutely perfect, especially for a middle school drama club. Ms. Weiss has produced the best script I've yet seen for this story." Joe Reynolds, Advisor/Director Gerisch Middle School 


Best New Children's Play - Marlowe Award "Biggity Bad and the 3 Little Pigs" 2011

Best Direction of a Children's Play - Marlowe Award "Biggity Bad and the 3 Little Pigs" 2011

“…delightful giggling children’s production….anyone who can sit in a chair by himself or herself will be enthralled.” Denver Daily News, The Three Prince Charmings

“The script (The Three Prince Charmings) was absolutely delightful and truly provided great entertainment value and laughter for every age."    Joyce Lingenfelter, Northglenn Youth Theater Colorado
“…a quick and worthy one hour for the kids” Rocky Mountain News, Snow White and the Three Slobs

“A very funny and truly original adaptation (Snow White and the 3 Slobs) that all ages loved” Ellen Beattie, Artistic Director, Forum Theatre, Metuchen, N.J. 

“Our production (Hyronomous) set record sales, a true test of a good script for any producer…..just like a Mel Brooks comedy” Kathy Kuehn, producer, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities 

“…a wonderful piece of work, filled with all the good natured action and fun a kid could want, with plenty of ironic humor that parents can appreciate……...a masterpiece of physical humor.”           Rocky Mountain News, Hyronomous A. Frog 

“It is great on so many levels for children.” (Hyronomous)   Julie Danielson, Interact Theater for the Deaf, Tennessee
“Many teachers told us this was the best play (Hyronomous) we’ve done in the children’s theater program – and we’ve been doing this for 15+ years!”    Nancy Osborne, St. Clair Community College, Michigan 

“… the cast and crew felt doing your show was an absolute blast.” Lew Kathryn Kunze, producers, Thunder Bay Theatre 

“….parents who were often used to “tolerating” children’s theater found themselves laughing out loud throughout.”   Kevin. P. Mullin, Executive Director, Kids-N-Co. El Paso 
“..guaranteed to send children spilling out of their seats with laughter and tickling parents’ funny bones as well.….much more than just a laugh-packed roller coaster ride.”  Boulder Daily Camera, Hyronomous A. Frog

“The cool thing about the play is that it is funny without the irony and without the "cool." Mike Jawer, audience member, about Adventure Theater’s production of Hyronomous A. Frog 

“The King’s New Clothes” was an unqualified hit with both the kids and the adults.”    Michelle Nierling, Northglenn Youth Theater

"A Little Princess," adapted from Francis Hodgson Burnett, won 3rd place in the East Valley Children's Theater Competition, 2007




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Quotes, Reviews and Stuff I Want You to Know